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This website is a photo-based guide to the wildflowers of the continental United States, with a primary focus on those from the Midwest, Central and Eastern United States, but there are many also included here from the South, the West and the Southwest. For the purposes of this website, "wildflower" means flowering plants that are native to the US. Certain common non-natives are also included on a special page devoted to them.

For each entry, information will be given about the species, as well as pictures of various parts of the plant - like flower, stem, leaves, seed pod, and overall habit of the plant; some species may have additional pictures of things used to help identify them. These photos are all designed to help you find the plant you are looking for so you can properly identify it.

There are currently approximately 800 species listed here, but we are adding new ones all the time, so stay tuned; what is not listed now, might be soon!

We seek to avoid errors in identification, and other areas, but if you find something that you believe to be wrong, please let us know about it!

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Or, you can see an A to Z list of every plant here:

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