Rubus fraseri
(Fraser's Raspberry)

Other pictures of this plant:

               Seedpod                                           Leaf                                            Stem                                        Seed                                          Habit

Facts About this Plant:

    Common Names: Fraser's Raspberry
    Lifespan: Perennial
    Zones: 3 - 8
    Type: Forb
    Bloom Time: June - September
    Status: Native

Rubus fraseri, or Fraser's Raspberry, is believed to be a naturally occuring hybrid between Rubus odoratus and Rubus parviflorus. As such, it can occur anywhere that the parent species overlap, which naturally is only in Northern Michigan, but both are also grown as ornamentals so it could theoretically be in many places. The above range map is likely not accurate. It is a perennial shrub, that grows on moist to dryish shorelines, along roadsides, on mountain sides or cliffs and in open, but partly shady woods. It blooms in summer with light pink flowers.

More information will be made available soon about this species and telling it apart from others.

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