Dyssodia papposa
(Fetid Marigold)

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Facts About this Plant:

    Common Names: Fetid Marigold, Prairie Dogweed, False Dog Fennel
    Synonyms: Boebera papposa, Tagetes papposa
      Lifespan: Annual
      Zones: N/A
      Type: Forb
      Bloom Time: July - October
      Status: Native

    Dyssodia papposa, or Fetid Marigold, is native to the Central US, but is considered adventive in the Southwest, as well as MIssouri, Illinois and some of the Great Lakes region and New England. It is an annual that grows in dry, sandy, gravelly areas along roads, in waste areas and disturbed areas, as well as in prairies and fields. It blooms from early summer into fall, with small yellow flowers. The plant has a smell that some describe as "not unpleasant," while others as call it "malodorous" - the smell is similar to a skunk!

    This plant looks similar to some other plants, like Matricaria discoidea, but this plant can be pretty easily distinguished by the smell it emits, as well as by the orange-yellow glands that can be found all over the plant, from which the scent comes

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