Phyla nodiflora
(Sawtooth Fogfruit)

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Facts About this Plant:

    Common Names: Sawtooth Fogfruit, Frog Fruit, Turkey Tangle, Turkey Tangle Fogfruit, Common Lippia
    Synonyms: Lippia nodiflora, Lippia incisa, Lippia reptans, Phyla incisa
    Lifespan: Perennial
    Zones: 7 - 10
    Type: Forb
    Bloom Time: March - November
    Status: Native

Phyla nodiflora, or Sawtooth Fogfruit, is native to the southern half of the US. It grows in moist areas, like ditches, wet meadows, along wet woods, as well as in yards and waste areas. It blooms as early as Febuary or March in places where it is very warm, with flower heads of small pink and yellow flowers.

There are about three species of Lippia, or Phyla, in the United States that have a somewhat wide distribution. Lippia lanceolata and Phyla cuneifolia are the other two. Phyla nodiflora flowers looks very similar to Lippia lanceolata, but Phyla nodiflora can be distinguished by its shorter, more rounded leaves, while Lippia lanceolata has longer, more pointed leaves. More information and comparison photos will be posted at a later time.

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