Lilium michiganense
(Michigan Lily)

Other pictures of this plant:

               Seedpod                                           Leaf                                            Stem                                        Seed                                          Habit

Facts About this Plant:

    Common Names: Michigan Lily
    Lifespan: Perennial
    Zones: 3 - 7
    Type: Forb
    Bloom Time: June - July
    Status: Native

Lilium michiganense, or Michigan Lily, is native to much of the midwestern and central United States. It grows in moist open prairies and along woodland edges. It blooms in mid summer, with beautiful orange flowers on medium-height stalks.

Although there are many Lilium species in the US, they do vary by color, size and location. This species is in the upper midwest, which helps with ID some; additionally, it has a smaller stature than most. It usually only grows to about 2 feet tall, and it rarely has more than one or two flowers; a similar species is Lilium superbum, but it is a much larger plant and has many flowers per stalk.

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