Hypericum pyramidatum
(Great St. Johnswort)

Other pictures of this plant:

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Facts About this Plant:

    Common Names: Great St. Johnswort, Giant St. Johnswort
    Synonyms: Hypericum ascyron
    Lifespan: Perennial
    Zones: 2 - 6
    Type: Forb
    Bloom Time: July - August
    Status: Native

Hypericum pyramidatum, or Great St. Johnswort, is native to the northeastern quarter of the United States. It is a perennial, which grows moist areas, like ditches, moist open woods, swamp edges and pond margins. It blooms in mid summer with large yellow flowers.

There are a large number of Hypericum species in the United States, but thankfully this one is not hard to tell apary. Its large size separates it from others. It is tall, and has long, lance-shaped leaves, and the thing that really sets it apart is its large flowers - usually at least two inches across.

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